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"I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

- Apocalypse Now


“Well, nobody's perfect.”

- Some Like It Hot


"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."

- The Godfather

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  1. drama

    The Arrival of a Train

    Surely you have heard of the Lumière brothers, Auguste and Louis, and how one of the first films they created, depicting a train arriving at a station, caused a real sensation in the movie theater. And now, before you, is precisely that legendary film, the one that started the history of cinema. The screening of this silent documentary short took place in January 1896. The Lumière brothers laid down techniques that are still used in cinematography to this day, including shooting from a moving platform, which added a certain tension to the documentary film.

  2. comedy

    Mabel's Strange Predicament

    The full-fledged development of cinema began in the 1910s. It’s no wonder that when many people hear the word “movie,” they associate it with the comedic character brilliantly played by Charlie Chaplin. This is one of the most famous characters in the history of not only silent but also color film. Chaplin’s character – The Tramp – first appears in the film “Kid Auto Races at Venice” and from that moment on, gains tremendous popularity. This is confirmed by the fact that throughout the development of cinema, directors have repeatedly returned to the image of The Tramp.

  3. romance

    Becky Sharp

    The beginning of the era of color cinema began with the release of the film adaptation of “Vanity Fair”. This happened in late June 1935. A new technology called “Technicolor” was used in the making of the film, which involved shooting on three black and white film stocks using a special camera. The film tells the story of the friendship between two women who come from different social classes. Miriam Hopkins, who played Becky Sharp, was awarded the most coveted award for an actor – the Academy Award for Best Actress.

  4. love story

    The origin and significance of Walt Disney in the history of cinema

    Not many people fail to associate the name Walt Disney with something special. The brilliant animator is famous for his recognizable style of creating cartoons and holds the record for the most Academy Awards won (a total of 26). His merits could be talked about endlessly – he is the creator of such beloved childhood characters as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto. In addition, under his leadership, the first full-length animated film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was produced, which lasted 82 minutes and opened a new era in the history of cinema.

  5. coming of age

    American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award

    Perhaps there is no conscious person in the world who has never heard of the “Oscar” – without exaggeration, the most prestigious and at the same time oldest award to this day, which is given for a significant contribution to the development of the film industry to everyone involved in it – directors, actors, costume designers. The film award itself was formed in 1929, initially called the “Award of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences”, and the traditional name was first applied to the film award in the 1940s. The initiator of its creation was Louis Burt Mayer, one of the founders of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio.

  6. queer

    History of the Cannes Film Festival

    At the end of May, the pearl of the French Riviera, Cannes, welcomes guests from all over the world for a remarkable event – the Cannes Film Festival. This is one of the oldest film forums, first held in 1946. The idea of ​​creating a film festival was voiced in 1939 after the success of the Venice festival, but it was postponed due to the Second World War. The creation of the film award was also delayed due to a scandal at the Venice festival when the top prize was awarded to Leni Riefenstahl for her film “Olympia,” an active propagandist of the values ​​of the Third Reich. Today, the Cannes Film Festival is rightfully considered one of the most prestigious, having achieved this status since 1951.

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